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Rising Above  a Toxic Workplace

Rising Above a Toxic Workplace

Written by Dr. Gary Chapman, Paul White & Harold Myra
Read by Wes Bleed

You can rise above. You do have options.

Do you work in a toxic environment or have a toxic boss? You’re not alone! Today, unattainable expectations, emotional harassment, and demands to do more with less often leave employees overworked, underpaid, insecure, and out of options. Must you continue to put up with poisonous people in a morale-crushing environment?

In Rising Above a Toxic Workplace, you’ll learn how to endure, cope, or quit if necessary. Drawing from authentic — sometimes horrific — real-life stories, authors Gary Chapman, Paul White, and Harold Myra blend their expertise to give you practical guidance, empowering insight, and realistic hope. You’ll discover:

  • how workplaces can become unhealthy and how to avoid getting wounded;
  • what drives toxic leaders and why they are so damaging to those around them;
  • essential tips for maintaining your sanity while dealing with dysfunctional colleagues; and
  • counsel on how to decide when to leave — for your own mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

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