Rebecca Reynolds spends most weekdays teaching rhetoric, philosophy, and literature to high school juniors and seniors.  As a humanities instructor in a classical Christian school, she has been given the opportunity to keep a finger on the pulse of the upcoming generation.

As the lyricist for Ron Block of Alison Krauss and Union Station, Rebecca has also had the opportunity to play with words and culture for a broader audience.  Ron’s 14 Grammys and Dove Award have opened doors for Rebecca to work with some of the most renowned musicians in the business.  In her free time, Rebecca also writes for award-winning music artist Andrew Peterson’s website, The Rabbit Room, and sister website, Story Warren.  She has been a featured speaker at their annual national gatherings, Hutchmoot and Inkwell.

Audiobooks by Oasis Audio:

Courage, Dear Heart

Audiobooks read for Oasis Audio:

Courage, Dear Heart
The Romantic Writings of Edgar Allan Poe
The Seamstress
The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle