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There’s just something about the human voice. We’re wired to need it.

As technology advances and more products are artificially produced, we can find ourselves starved for the creations of real human beings. Photos are filtered or generated by AI. Music is auto-tuned until it sounds robotic. Machines increasingly fill roles that once offered engagement, conversation, and laughter. As people disappear from our daily lives, we can begin to feel isolated and alone.

The book industry is rapidly changing, and some publishers are managing these changes by cutting corners, producing in-house audiobooks on a shoestring budget. Other publishers are beginning to integrate AI to flow cold, hard information into the minds of listeners. If you’ve noticed a lack of soul in some of your recent audiobook purchases, economic shortcuts behind the microphone could be responsible for that.

Oasis Audio believes listeners deserve better than this. The hours you spend listening to audiobooks are precious, and we want you to walk away inspired and refreshed. So, we select top-notch narrators and work to produce high-quality, artistic recordings that bring human warmth back to the wilderness of modern life.

Life can be a desert, but we have an Oasis waiting for you. Look for our name when you’re making your audiobook purchases.

Oasis Audio. Come thirsty. Drink deeply. Leave refreshed.

“Sight isolates, sound incorporates. Whereas sight situates the observer outside what he views, at a distance, sound pours into the hearer.”

Walter Ong