Alex Kendrick is an associate pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church. In 2002, Kendrick Brothers Productions in association with Sherwood Pictures began work on the first movie, Flywheel, which Alex wrote, directed, produced, and acted in. After the overwhelming response to the film, Alex and his brother Stephen again partnered to write and produce Facing the Giants, which was picked up and distributed by Provident Films, a branch of Sony Pictures. Alex directed and acted in the film, which went on to gross more than $10 million in box office receipts. The DVD was released in thirteen languages, in fifty-six countries, and sold more than 2 million copies. Alex and Stephen followed that hit by writing and producing Fireproof, the highest-grossing independent film of 2008 with over $33 million in box office sales. Alex directed the film, which has since sold more than 3 million DVDs. To date, Alex has received more than twenty awards for his work, including best screenplay, best production, and best feature film. Alex and his wife, Christina, have been married for seventeen years and live in Albany, Georgia, with their six children.

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