Andrew Petersen is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter for Essential Records. But beneath the songwriter, Andrew is just a regular small-town Florida guy who now makes his home in Nashville, and performs roughly 150 concerts per year by way of the Winnebago he affectionately calls ‘Millennium Falcon.’ It is Andrew’s time spent traveling that offers him the truest sense of family. Not only are his wife Jamie (backing vocals), and their two small boys, Aedan and Asher Jesse, along for the ride, but his best friend Gabe (multi-instrumentalist, backing vocals) is with him too. The group finds home and hospitality as they stop along their journeys to share some tales with folks who are eager to welcome them inside. For audience members, their concerts create a feel of sitting around a cozy living room, eyes peering forward, minds deep in thought at the expressions of a detailed storyteller.

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