David Aikman, is a former Senior Correspondent of Time Magazine who currently is a contributor to the American Spectator, the Weekly Standard, and the Reader’s Digest in Washington, and is a regular monthly columnist for Charisma Magazine. A Senior Fellow at Washington’s Ethics and Public Policy Center, he is also a frequent commentator on Voice of America’s Issues in the News and has been host of National Empowerment Television’s Headlines and Deadlines. He was a consultant and on-camera commentator for MSNBC’s coverage of Britain’s return of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty in July 1997. Before he left Time in July 1994 to pursue full-time writing, speaking, television, and other activities, he had reported from five continents and nearly 60 countries. He has made additional television appearances to discuss current affairs on CNN, C-Span, CBN News, and CBC. Aikman is a specialist in the Middle East, Russia, and China. While in Jerusalem in 1980-1982 he was elected Chairman of the Foreign Press Association and reported firsthand on events in the West Bank and Gaza, and on the war in Lebanon, and was an eyewitness to the Tienanmen Massacre in China in 1989. He has interviewed numerous leaders and Nobel laureates, from Manuel Noriega to Mother Teresa, from Boris Yeltsin to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, from Billy Graham to Pham Van Dong. Aikman was born in England and educated at Oxford University in England (B.A. with honors in Russian and French). He later came to the U.S. and earned an M.A. in Central Asian languages and a Ph.D. in Russian and Chinese- history from the University of Washington in Seattle. He is a U.S. citizen, and married with two teenage daughters.

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