For the past 15 year, Dr. Cal LeMon, a former chaplain at Harvard University and television host/producer, has been captivating audiences with his perfected platform skill, intellect and totally unrehearsed, natural humor. Companies like MCI, Gannett Newspapers, Marsh Insurance, Texas Instruments, and El Paso Corporation have consistently used Dr. LeMon to provide customized corporate training. As a frequent guest columnist on the Opinion Page in USA Today, Dr. LeMon is known for his business acumen and ability to accurately track market trends. The other side to this professional speaker’s career is spell-binding keynote addresses. Blending the genuine caring of his clergy past with finely honed language, Dr. Le Mon is known for creating motivation through laughter and tears. As a prolific writer, Dr. LeMon has authored hundreds of articles that have appeared in periodicals like HR Magazine and Employee Relations Today. Dr. LeMon’s best-selling book, Assertiveness: Get What You Want Without Being Pushy is used by both the public and private sector as a model for leadership that creates accountability in the workplace.