Jim Stovall has enjoyed success as an author, athlete, investment broker, and entrepreneur while dealing with the challenge of his own blindness. During his remarkable life, Jim has been a national champion and Olympic weightlifter as well as the author of several books. In addition to his personal achievements, Jim was honored as the 2000 International Humanitarian of the Year, joining Jimmy Carter, Nancy Regan, and Mother Teresa as a recipient of this prestigious award. As cofounder and president of the Narrative Television Network (NTN), Jim has also helped make movies and television accessible for America’s 13 million blind and visually impaired people and their families. Jim developed The Ultimate Gift Institute, which allows participants the opportunity to mirror Jason Stevens’ experiences in The Ultimate Gift, a book with over 3 million copies in print, and the inspiration for the major motion picture starring James Garner and Oscar-nominated Abigail Breslin.”

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