What matters most? My mentor asked me this same question. “That’s what people really want to know about you,” he told me. So what matters most to me? Well, here’s my top-ten list.

1. My Faith – Daily I receive undeserved grace.
2. My Family – My bride is my best friend. Together we are raising our sons to be strong, brave, and of great courage. Our extended family is close. Most live on the West Coast while some of us call the South East home.
3. My Friends – I’ve have many. They come in all faiths, shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and wages.
4. My Time – Waste not, want not. This is the secret to not wishing, “If I only had more time!”
5. My Grandpa Stensland’s Books – I inherited his collection of Oswald Chambers’ early works. These treasures are full of wisdom, humility, and power.
6. My Grandpa Peters’ Watch – The old Westclox Pocket Ben has kept time for over 60 years and reminds me to value every second spent together.
7. My Grandmas’ Quilts – Both grandmothers hand-stitched amazing quilts that are true works of art.
8. My Library – Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.
9. My Tools – According to my sons, I can fix anything but a broken heart. (refer back to #1)
10. My Tee-shirts – Nothing is more comfortable to me than a simple tee.
Bonus. My Coffee – A good quad shot americano can be enjoyed with all of the above.

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– Jonathan

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