The late PAUL HUTCHENS, one of evangelical Christianity’s most prolific authors, went to be with the Lord on January 23, 1977. Mr. Hutchens, an ordained Baptist minister, served as an evangelist and itinerant preacher for many years. Best known for his Sugar Creek Gang series, Hutchens was a 1927 graduate of Moody Bible Institute. He was the author of 19 adult novels, 36 books in the Sugar Creek Gang series, and several booklets for servicemen during World War II. Mr. Hutchens and his wife, Jane, were married 52 years. They had one child and five grandchildren.

Audiobooks by Oasis Audio:

Lost in the Blizzard
On the Mexican Border
One Stormy Day
Palm Tree Manhunt
Screams in the Night
Teacher Trouble
The Chicago Adventure
The Haunted House
The Indian Cemetery
The Killer Bear
The Lost Campers
The Mystery Cave
The Mystery Thief
The Secret Hideout
The Swamp Robber
The Thousand Dollar Fish
The Treasure Hunt
The Winter Rescue