4 Habits of Joy Filled Marriages


By Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey
Read by Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey
ISBN: 978-1-64091-245-8
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Unabridged - 3 hours - 3 CDs
Released: April 02, 2019
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Discover the secrets behind deeper relational bonds and more consistent happiness in this new book about marriage by Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey.

Healthy relationships regularly produce joy, and joy keeps the relationship healthy.  But this kind of happiness and health in marriage isn’t just for the lucky few who stumble upon it.  It turns out that certain relational skills boost your happiness.  Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey will teach you how to develop those skills and how to:
-return to joy more quickly after disconnection
-create stronger bonds and elongate times of happiness
-boost your enjoyment of physical and emotional intimacy