Building Winning Relationships


By Zig Ziglar
Read by Zig Ziglar
Book #3 in Christian Motivation for Daily Living
ISBN: 978-1-59859-709-7
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Unabridged - 7.75 hours - 6 CD
Released: December 09, 2009
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Zig Ziglar has experienced relationships-all kinds of relationships. In this album he shares with his listeners what seventy-seven years (now eighty-three years) of interaction with mother, siblings, wife, children, co-workers, bosses, employees, mentors, meeting planners, celebrities and the general public have taught him. He speaks warmly and freely from his heart, hoping to ease the way through various learning experiences for those still approaching those paths. When Zig says, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want,” it is essentially a paraphrase of The Golden Rule. He believes and teaches that our obedience to God’s command to love one another is the cornerstone to our business, family and social relationships. Christian Motivation for Daily Living: Building Winning Relationships is a twelve lesson series designed to provide you with biblically based tools to have the kinds of relationships that nurture, teach, enrich and engage us as God intended. Zig shares the passion and joy of his personal relationships and his faith as he focuses on the critical human need for establishing strong bonds with those we love, with whom we work and who play a pivotal role in our lives. Discover for yourself the inner peace and true happiness that come from living the abundant life God planned for you.

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