By Ed Silvoso
Read by Jon Gauger
ISBN: 978-1-61375-957-8
Unabridged - 6 hours - 6 CDs
Released: May 02, 2017
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Dynamic New Teaching from Bestselling Author Ed Silvoso

The word church has many connotations; we think of it as a specific building, as a group of people, even as a long service to sit through. We hardly ever think of it as world-changing–and neither does society. Yet this is exactly what the first-century ekklesia was.

In these vital, eye-opening pages, bestselling author Ed Silvoso takes you back to the first days of the church. Digging into Scripture, he shows how the New Testament church–devoid of buildings, professional clergy, and religious freedom–was able to transform the hostile, pagan places into which it was born and set in motion a process that changed the world forever.

Even more, Silvoso offers a roadmap back to becoming the ekklesia Jesus called his church to be. In the midst of the social, economic, political, and moral chaos in our world today, we possess the hope that people and nations so desperately need–and we can become the revolutionary, transformational, life-giving voice Jesus called us to be.