The Fearful Gates


By Ross Lawhead
Read by Gary Dikeos
Book #3 in An Ancient Earth
ISBN: 978-1-61375-596-9
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Unabridged - 9 hours - 1 MP3 CD
Released: April 17, 2014
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“The city of Niðergeard’s long years of weathering any sort of siege were well and truly behind it. Whoever wanted to take the city could walk right in — just as Freya had.”

A millennium’s worth of evil plans are about to bear fruit for the dark wizard Gád. Niðergeard lies exposed, and at long last it is time for the dragons to be awakened and the gates between worlds to be thrown open.

A terrifying army of giants, dragons, trolls, and yfelgópes, assembled by Gád over centuries, awaits the wizard’s order to invade Niðergeard. The end of the underground country — and life as we know it on the surface — is near.

All that lies in the way is the Langtorr, the last standing structure in the crumbling city. Waiting within the tower walls, Daniel and Freya, along with Alex, Vivienne, Ecgbryt the knight, and the city’s remaining inhabitants, make up the last line of defense for Niðergeard. . . and the last ray of hope for all humanity.

The army is gathered. The alliance for good is holed up in the Langtorr. The fate of Britain — and the world — will be decided in the events of a single day . . . a day when the Fearful Gates are finally opened, and the mystery that lies behind them is revealed.

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