By Eric Parks and Casey Bankord
Read by Dean Gallagher
ISBN: 978-1-61375-041-4
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Unabridged - 5.25 hours - 5 CDs
Released: January 27, 2012
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Your relationship with God will never be the same… once you discover your frequency.

There is a way of living and growing in your relationship with God that uniquely suits the way God created you. When you find that way of growing, your life shines; you deeply sense God’s presence; you follow Him more fluidly; people notice- and they’re inspired to do the same.

It’s your unique frequency. A connection with God that was meant specifically for you. And once you find it, your relationship with God will never feel stuck, lifeless, or stale again. Frequency brings you fresh approaches and groundbreaking tools for identifying who you are and what that means to your daily life with God.

In fact, when you read this new perspective and combine it with the results of the free Monvee assessment included with this audio book, you’ll come away knowing the unique characteristics that affect your spiritual growth, what might be getting in the way of that growth, and which prominent person in the Bible best mirrors your profile.

Discover your Frequency and get ready to thrive in your relationship with Jesus.

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