God Encounters


By James Stuart Bell
Read by Various Artists
ISBN: 978-1-59859-646-5
Unabridged - 7 hours - 6 CD
Released: October 13, 2009
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With the economy in turmoil and people feeling uncertain about their futures, stories of God’s love and intervention bring comfort, hope, and escape from stress. God Encounters consists of 30 anecdotes that illustrate God’s activity in everyday life as He intercedes during physical crises, relationship issues, and life transitions. These true stories of people from all walks of life reveal how God steps in when and where He’s most needed and forever changes the way we live and love. This audiobook shares glimpses of God through: Sudha, who was pulled back from diving, in the dark, into an empty pool. Jon, who found evidence of God in the sweet spot of a tornado. Lynn, who caught a glimpse of God on her way to end her life. Jill, who had a visit from God in the grocery store. These inspirational stories allow listeners to believe that if God reached down into the ordinary lives of the men, women, boys, and girls in this audiobook, maybe they, too, can experience His touch.

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