God in the Foxhole


By Charles W. Sasser
Read by Wes Bleed
ISBN: 978-1-59859-467-6
Unabridged - 9 hours - 8 CDs
Released: December 09, 2008
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Available in print from Simon & Schuster
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Veteran military writer Charles Sasser presents a collection of riveting and inspiring personal accounts of American soldiers whose faith has guided them through many hardships of war. From the battlefields of the American Revolution and Civil Wars, World War I to World War II, Korea, Vietnam on up through the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan, army privates, bomber pilots, navy lieutenants, marines, prisoners of war, medics, nurses, chaplains, and others give inspirational testimony of how, under desperate conditions with every reason to fear for their lives, they turned to their belief in God to help keep them safe and find courage to accomplish heroic feats.

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