I Will Carry You


By Angie Smith
Read by Pam Turlow
ISBN: 978-1-61375-189-3
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Unabridged - 6 hours - 5 CDs
Released: July 20, 2012
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Angie Smith was eighteen weeks pregnant with her fourth daughter, Audrey Caroline, when doctors discovered conditions leaving Audrey “incompatible with life.” Faced with the decision whether to terminate the pregnancy, Angie and her husband chose to carry Audrey for as long as she had life. This began what turned out to be three months of loving and carrying a little girl that was not expected to live more than a few minutes.

Audrey Caroline lived for over two hours, weighing three pounds, two ounces. Yet, in the midst of the sorrow of loss, there was still joy. Angie weaves the faith-filled story of Audrey Caroline with a biblical story of hope to help us all to understand how better to cope with loss and disappointment.

In I Will Carry You, Audrey’s mom tells the sweet story of her baby girl who changed the world. Be part of Audrey’s story as you hear of this mom, her daughter, and the family’s faith – you will be among the changed!