I’m Not Okay and Is It Just Me?


By Ken Davis
Read by Ken Davis
ISBN: 978-1-59859-128-6
Unabridged - 3 hours - 2 CDs
Released: March 01, 2006
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Two live performances in one new compilation!

I’m Not Okay!: Who, but a wise guy would engineer some of the stunts Davis has pulled and then have the audacity to talk about them? Like the time he shot a screwdriver through the ceiling of his kitchen with an M-80 firecracker. And who else would have an international collection of airline barf bags? Here’s some of the best comedy you’ve ever experienced. And it’s all wrapped up in a message of hope that can change your life forever.

Is It Just Me?: Ken Davis offeres some of his funniest material to date during an appearance in the heart of Dairyland. One of America’s favorite speakers, Ken joins Wisconsin’s famed “cheesheads” for a brilliant performance that pays tributes to veterans, explores the differences between men and women, and ponders the question… Is It Just Me?

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