Only You Can Be You


By Erik Rees
Read by Greg Whalen
ISBN: 978-1-59859-586-4
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Unabridged - 8 hours - 7 CDs
Released: June 18, 2009
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“Make your life count.” These four simple words spoken at the funeral of a 4-month-old child haunted Rees and caused him to wonder if he was making his own life count. Based on the psychological tenet it takes 21 days for a new behavior to become a habit, Erik Rees presents 21 daily principles for lasting change and making your life count. Contemplating what kind of legacy he would leave, he wondered if the path he was following would make a difference to anyone in the years to come. This challenged him to focus on principles that would help people’s lives make an impact. In this audiobook he helps listeners make the choices that affect every aspect of their lives. The audiobook strongly affirms that you can make the right choices and that when you do, not only will you find genuine happiness and purpose, but you will also leave a legacy that really makes a difference to others.