Prayers for Those Who Grieve


By Jill Kelly
Read by Jill Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-59859-910-7
Unabridged - 1 hour - 1 CD
Released: March 21, 2011
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In your darkest hour, when the pain seems almost too much to bear, God is there for you. He sees your grief. He hears your cry. He sends others to keep you company along the way. Let these prayers ease your heart and be companions for your own grief journey.

Grief is a fragile and intimate process. We all grieve differently, and there are no secret healing formulas, no 12-step recovery programs, and no shortcuts for the grief journey… Time doesn’t heal broken hearts or put shattered dreams back together…

Jesus does.
This is an audio book for the grieving. A cup to gather your tears.
A resting place where weeping is welcome.

A prayer journey.

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