Rules of Engagement


By Chad Hennings
Read by Chad Hennings
ISBN: 978-1-59859-674-8
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Unabridged - 5 hours - 5 CD
Released: December 09, 2009
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In all of the roles Chad Hennings has been privileged to play in life he has seen that the persistent “go-it-alone”” myth in our society traps men from connecting in a meaningful way with other men. In fact, men in our society are emotionally disconnected from each other and from God. In this audiobook Chad wants to share the lessons he has learned that will make a difference in men’s lives and tear down the walls that separate men from each other and their true selves. This audiobook will offer men a plan for a new approach to life that stresses crafting character and vision for ones self, healing the troubled past, developing a work ethic, commiting to self-care, finding fulfillment, living with spirituality, making a strategic life plan, serving the family, male bonding, developing an understanding of money, community service, and redefining success.”

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