Tales of Hibaria


By Jamin Still
Read by Rob Hook and Siobhan Waring
ISBN: 978-1-64091-514-5
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Unabridged - 3 hours - 3 CDs
Released: December 08, 2020
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The twelve stories contained in this volume introduce the reader to the world of Hibaria and the Islands. It is a world of magic and mystery, of dragons and sea serpents, a world where the Sky Lords – the Constellations – can take physical form and walk the land. It is a world in which an ancient evil, long imprisoned, threatens to break free.
The central characters in these stories are children and young adults who grapple with fear and sorrow, loss and longing, and who are given the opportunity to choose courage and hope. Their individual stories weave together to begin to tell a larger narrative.

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