The Curse of the Pearl Le Fong


By Timothy Holter Bruckner
Read by Pam Turlow
ISBN: 978-1-64091-004-1
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Unabridged - 5 hours - 4 CDs
Released: February 13, 2018
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A pearl with a long and bloody history. A mustache that could predict the weather…but not treachery. Author Tim Holter Bruckner, creator of Sensible Redhorn, takes these two unique objects and weaves stories of intrigue, action, and adventure around them in his two story collection – The Curse of the Pearl Le Fong! For centuries the Pearl Le Fong’s perfection inspired covetousness and brutality. Cold blooded murder brought it into the possession of England’s most notorious criminal mastermind and only one man can put an end to Syng’s reign of terror, consulting detective Desmond Owle. Owle’s critical sensitivity to light plunges the investigation into the darkest corners of London society at the peril of his and Mrs. Rothman’s life. In Bruckner’s second tale, Grandpa’s mustache could predict the weather. It could point, prod, chastise, reward and tickle. It could tie up your sorrows and untie them with the same simple knot. But it could not predict the betrayal by Martin, Grandpa’s eldest son and his despicable treatment of the innocent girl he impregnated. This Old West tale pits father against son as they struggle against a brutal winter to outwit heartless evildoers to bring their beloved Nan home. Two high octane tales, each with a hint of the Christmas holidays, by Author Tim Holter Bruckner in one collection- The Curse of the Pearl Le Fong!

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