The Barbarians Are Here


By Michael Youssef
Read by Jon Gauger
ISBN: 978-1-61375-884-7
Unabridged - 5 hours - 4 CDs
Released: March 07, 2017
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Those who seek to destroy our nation and its citizens will never abandon their quest…

The western indulgences of sex, money, and drugs will only drive Islamic radicals further into their conviction to subjugate, convert, or kill those they believe to be infidels. Youssef points listeners toward the only hope the Western civilization has to reverse its course of destruction. Throughout history, God has given evidence of His character, namely, that He is the God of mercy and grace. Today, He is holding His arms open wide and saying, “Repent and come to me and I will restore you. But if you refuse, you will face the consequences of your stubbornness.”