The Bible Cure for High Blood Pressure


In this audiobook from the best-selling Bible Cure Series, Dr. Colbert presents ancient wisdom from the Bible, verified by the latest medical research.

By Dr. Don Colbert
Read by Tim Lundeen
ISBN: 978-1-58926-804-3
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Unabridged - 1.5 hours - 1 CD
Released: March 01, 2005
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Available in print from Siloam Press
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Listen your way to better health! You can lower your blood pressure and feel better-naturally! How hard is your heart working? In this concise easy to understand audio book you’ll discover a wealth of information to help you reduce and prevent high blood pressure. Learn biblical secrets on health and the latest medical research on how to bring your blood pressure under control and maintain it within healthy guidelines. Discover breakthroughs that your doctor may never have shared with you! Learn about the difference between good and bad stress, important foods that naturally lower your high blood pressure, essential vitamins and minerals needed to keep your blood pressure within healthy limits, and steps that may save your life and prevent strokes, heart attacks and even cancer. You want to be healthy, and God wants you to be healthy as well. Now at last, here’s a source of information that will help you gain and keep a healthy lifestyle-body, mind and spirit.

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