The Everything Guide To Being A Sales Rep


By Ruth Klein
Read by Rick Plastina
Series: Everything
ISBN: 978-1-59859-267-2
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Unabridged - hour - 4 CDs
Released: September 21, 2007
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Successful selling is much more than qualifying prospects and making calls. If you\re planning on entering the exciting field of sales, The Everything Guide to Being a Sales Rep is your unique career audiobook, with constant “keep positive” reminders and practical applications throughout. The Everything Guide to Being a Sales Rep teaches you the proven five-prong approach to selling: 1. Identifying and following the roadmap to sales success. 2. Understanding the psychology and motivation of sales. 3. Clarifying goals, prospects, and customer relationships. 4. Making time to sell, market, and follow up on products and services. 5. Keeping a positive attitude. With The Everything Guide to Being a Sales Rep, you’ll learn how to use two of your most valuable assets-time and energy-to create an extraordinarily dynamic and profitable selling career.