The Lost Choice


When a young boy finds a mysterious object, his parents launch an investigation that will eventually link the ancient object to remarkable figures of history. “”

By Andy Andrews
Read by Andy Andrews
ISBN: 978-1-58926-689-6
Unabridged - 6.75 hours - 6 CDs
Released: March 01, 2005
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Dorry Chandler is a journalist who has always had a taste for mysteries. Curious about the strange “rock” her son has found, she takes it to Dylan Langford, an expert on antiquities who works at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. When the language inscribed on the artifact is translated, a far-reaching mystery begins to unravel.

This normal family’s life becomes anything but normal as each piece of evidence sheds additional light on the object’s significance. The Chandlers may have unearthed a fragment of one of the most profound relics in mankind’s history and the key to understanding the extraordinary achievements of esteemed men and women throughout time – Joan of Arc, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington Carver, Oskar Schindler – who seem to have been profoundly affected by the message the object bears.

What power resides in this seemingly unimportant piece of bronze? Who passed its secrets on through the centuries? And why has the object appeared now, in this way, in this time and place?

Weaving a thread of good and evil through history, The Lost Choice follows the story of an ancient relic and offers a parable of the hidden potential of the human heart.

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