The Singer Trilogy


By Calvin Miller
Read by Adam Verner
ISBN: 978-1-59859-598-7
Unabridged - 5.25 hours - 4 CD
Released: September 04, 2009
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The Singer quickly became a favorite of evangelists, pastors, artists, students, teachers and readers of all sorts when it was originally published in 1975. Retelling the story of Christ through an allegorical and poetic narrative of a Singer whose Song could not be silenced, Miller’s work reinvigorated Christian literature and offered believers and seekers the world over a deeply personal encounter with the gospel. The Song is a poetic narrative in the tradition of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Song is Calvin Miller’s sequel to his earlier, very popular book, The Singer. Miller tells the story of Anthem and Everyman who leave the Great Walled City and travel to Urbis, the city of the Poet King, where followers of the Singer are martyred for their faith. As The Singer parallels the story of the Gospels, so The Song shows certain parallels to the Book of Acts. The Finale is Calvin Miller’s completion of his trilogy including The Singer and The Song. In this final volume, Miller tells the story of the Singer’s final battle with World Hater and envisions in dynamic prosepoetry the winding up of history on Terra One and the creation of Terra Two. As The Singer parallels the story of the Gospels and The Song parallels the book of Acts, so The Finale is an artistic retelling of the book of Revelation.

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