The Ultimate Life


By Jim Stovall
Read by Rob Lamont
ISBN: 978-1-59859-295-5
Unabridged - hour - 2 CDs
Released: September 07, 2007
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When Jason Stevens found out he had to learn twelve lessons to maybe get an unnamed inheritance from his billionaire grandfather, he was not amused. By the time he\d finished learning the imposed lessons, he’d become a different man. Ready to tackle the duties of a running a multi-billion dollar trust, his plans for the year are once again derailed, this time by his pugnacious family. Not content with their cattle ranches and oil fields, his aunts, uncles and even his parents are determined to see every last dime entrusted to their own self-serving pockets. With none of the reluctance he initially showed for the Gift, he eagerly accepts the challenge and pushes himself to prove not only to his family and the court but the world, that with determination and the simple tenets of the Gift, anyone can lead The Ultimate Life.

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