By John Eckhardt
Read by John Eckhardt
Unabridged - 6 hours
Released: August 25, 2015
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ISBN: 9781613757598
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Win the battle for your mind.

Satan’s master plan to destroy the human race is his attempt to distort, hinder, or disintegrate our personalities and make us come unhinged from the course that God hsa charted for our lives. We all know people, including ourselves, who sometimes act in polar opposites. The minister who is godly, prayerful, and holy at times, yet has a period of sin and pervasion. The person who is outgoing and cheerful, yet falls into bouts of withdrawal and depression. The person who is gentle and kind, yet has periods of outburst and rage.

Unshakeable is a teaching unlike any other on breaking the most binding, demonic force: double-mindedness. Through this powerful teaching you can develop a firm Christlike identity that will not be easily shaken by this world.

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