Wind and Shadow


By Kathy Tyers
Read by Natasha Soudek
Book #4 in Firebird
ISBN: 978-1-64091-579-4
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Unabridged - 12.5 hours - 10 CDs
Released: June 29, 2021
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The once-proud people of Mikuhr are now on the verge of extinction

Taken from her home world of Mikuhr at a young age, Wind Haworth was raised by the conquering Sentinels. Although her loyalties are torn, she is determined to bridge the gap between the two cultures and their opposing ideologies, even if she must stand alone.

Conflict explodes when apprentice priest Kiel Caldwell arrives on Mikuhr to explore rumors of new spiritual revelation, but he is kidnapped by a demon-possessed telepath who thinks Kiel might be a predicted messiah. And when Kiel’s brother Kinnor, a loose-cannon military man, arrives to investigate, a local leader with revenge on her mind threatens to bring ruin on them all.

As a Mikuhran diplomat, Wind must head off a conflict that could have spiritual, political, and military ramifications. But when Wind encounters Kinnor, the situation becomes more personal than anyone expects.